Introducing the Colȇgio Lidia Doty in Angola Africa

Lydia Doty SchoolThe Doty family have long been involved in mission work around the world and now, in Angola Africa, the matriarch of the family Lidia Doty is honored with a school in her name.

The Church of God in Angola received permission in 2000 to start a school at Kilometer 9 where the church is working. There was no school in this community at the time and they are now teaching basic reading, writing, and math skills in the government curriculum to children in the community. There are  approximately 600 students with ages from 8 to 18.

The curriculum also includes history and science and there is a computer center for students wanting to learn computer skills (and there is no shortage of students wanting to learn this!). Other skills are being taught as well including classes in sewing, decorations by recycling plastic bottles, culinary, and basic electricity skills and a few other beneficial classes.

Our friends Jim and Dulci Doty are leading this work and CBF is so proud of the work they do to build the Kingdom of God and serve His people on earth. Read more about the great work being accomplished in Angola in the most recent installment of the “Informer” newsletter here. > Informer Feb2014

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