CBF Reaching Out: “Whose Little Girl Are You?”

Lori DillGod gifts His people for service. We meet together at CBF to learn more of Him and to recharge our spirits so that we are equipped to go beyond our walls and reach others for His glory. This fellowship is especially blessed with many servants who use their gifts to reach out and share God’s love and grace.  We hope that providing information will extend their reach so that you or someone you know may be blessed!

Lori Dill, author and active member of CBF, shares her experience of how God’s power can save and repair a life marred by abuse, neglect, and heartache in her book “Whose Little Girl Are You (God’s Little Girl)”.  The true story of her life journey encourages us to put our own trials and suffering into God’s hands so that He can empower us to move forward with victory over the past.

Book Description:

Whose Little Girl Are You (God’s Little Girl)

“This is a true journey of a little girl who did not know where she belonged. She is a survivor of many types of abuse, but grew up to be a well adjusted adult by the Grace of God. The title of this book came about by what her grandfather used to say to the children, “Who’s little girl or boy are you?” Answering this question, she found where she belongs. She belongs to God.”

Lori’s book is available on Amazon.com.  You can check it out by clicking here.


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