They still did not understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead. – John 20:9

Jesus the Christ, lived, loved, was crucified, died and raised to life immortal. These are things we believe completely as the basis of our faith. We know so much and yet there is still so much more we don’t understand. When Jesus appeared, the religious establishment thought they had all the answers, all God’s rules and requirements well contained and within their control.  Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t fit into their neat box of beliefs. He still doesn’t.

We are not meant to have all the knowledge of God. It is in thoughtful uncertainty that we learn humility. It is in the seeking that His truths are revealed to us, His heart begins to beat within us, and possibilities for the future are discovered by us. It is certain that our bodies will die one day, but we can be just as sure that we can live a resurrected life starting right now.

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