Trust Builder

When he [Saul] came to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, not believing that he really was a disciple. But Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles. -Acts 9:26-27

Trust is hard to build in a suspicious world. Trust busting is easy: a whisper, a look, a misunderstanding or misinterpretation, a disagreement or dissent.  We’ve all been hurt before, felt the sting of an injustice or observed the oppression of another.

No one has less reason to trust than Jesus Christ Himself, He who knows completely that His human creations are so very flawed, every one of us. Yet, someone has to reach out to build a bridge, to trust even when it is likely that we could be hurt again, to forgive and believe that God will honor our humble step of faith into the unknown with another. Barnabas took a chance on an untrustworthy Saul.  Putting himself, his reputation, even his life on the line to be a bridge builder for Christ.

Breaking down the barriers of distrust is the only way to bring others to Christ and to see His Church begin move.

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