Side By Side

Then Eliashib the high priest and the other priests started to rebuild at the Sheep Gate. They dedicated it and set up its doors, building the wall as far as the Tower of the Hundred, which they dedicated, and the Tower of Hananel. People from the town of Jericho worked next to them, and beyond them was Zaccur son of Imri. – Nehemiah 3:1-2

Everyone got involved with rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. People came from miles around to work side-by-side with the People of God to bring this once great city back to life. That’s how it is with God’s Kingdom. There is room for everyone to build where they can, with the resources they have, in cooperation with brothers and strangers alike.

Whether we give by the strength of our arms, the inventiveness of our minds, or the wealth of our treasury – our work for His Kingdom is acceptable.

-Sue Breland, Worship for OneĀ©

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