Text:  “In all thy ways acknowledge Him (God) and he shall direct thy path.” (Prov.3:6)

The first thing is God wants you to succeed, but you must follow God’s plan in order for him to direct your path because God has special work for you to do. It’s God’s will for you to succeed in these areas: the spiritual, relational, mental, social, and financial.

Second:  Your present situation does not determine your future; you, in partnership with God, determines your future, so, seek God’s help before you tackle projects; you’re free to make plans, but do not ignore God’s guidance.

Third: Money is better spent on good books rather than on expensive brand name clothing.

Fourth: Do not allow anyone to ‘put you down’ and crush your spirit; you listen only to ‘who’ God says you are.

Fifth: If you have failed in achieving your goal on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt, don’t give up, try again!

Sixth: It is never too late to follow your dreams; so go after it!

Seventh: Set your goal, and be confident that you can get there from here.

Eight: “The secret of getting ahead is to get started;” so said Mark twain.

Listen again! “In all’ thy ways acknowledge Him (give the love & respect due to God) and he ‘shall’ (not maybe) direct (guide) your path.” Have a safe and successful semester!

Rev. Barbara McFarlane

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