Call to Restoration

They will come and shout for joy on top of Mount Zion. They will stream to it to enjoy the Lord’s blessings: fresh grain, new wine, and olive oil, lambs and calves. Their lives will be like well-watered gardens, and they will never suffer again. – Jeremiah 31:12

The prophet, Jeremiah, was known as “the weeping prophet,” being called to ministry during the destruction of Jerusalem to witness the sins of the Israelites and to preach an unpopular call to repentance.

Though His life was mired in years of despair and disappointment, he had hope in the faithfulness of God to restore His people and end all suffering in the fullness of time. God’s history of power and His promises of a future secure give us strength to believe and act in faith that He will always provide all we need.

  • Sue Breland, Worship for One
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