Advent Day 15: Listen

You have seen many things, but you pay no attention; your ears are open, but you do not listen. – Isaiah 42:20

Listen. God is communicating to us messages of hope. Unfortunately, hearing is not the same as listening. At this time of year, we may hear bells in church steeples and children singing carols that stir our memories and turn our thoughts toward the Christmas story of angels and shepherds and wise men three. We can hear the story of a baby born to save the world, but it requires listening with our hearts to the angels’ song for the Child of God to be born in us, for the hope of salvation to sing its melodies of peace and joy through our lives.

The sound of hope is ancient music made new every day to soothe the soul, lift the spirit and drive away fear. The song of hope is never ending rhythm and harmony that can only be felt when we learn to really listen.

Today’s Gift

Be enveloped by the sounds of Christmas. Play holiday music on your radio, computer or iPod. Sing all the Christmas carols you know throughout the day. Google the lyrics or pick up a hymnal so you can read the words and perhaps understand old words in a new way. Then make time for silence. Perhaps that may be while taking a walk on a still, snowy night, or sitting by the fireplace in the house with all the electronics turned off. Still your thoughts and wait for God to speak to you.

Sue Breland, Worship For One: Advent Emmanuel ©

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