Advent Day 21: Guiding Star

I have sent my angel to give you this message for the churches. I am both the source of David and the heir to his throne.  I am the bright morning star.” – Revelation 22:16

Mankind has always looked to the stars for guidance. Whether we journeyed across land or sea, the stars, set firmly in their places, kept us from going off course. The “morning star” is the brightest celestial object in the sky just before sunrise. It is the traveler’s last chance to set a bearing before all the stars fade into day.

Jesus is the last, best hope for mankind before the final day when we meet the God of All the Universe. We welcome the season of His birth as a reminder that He guides our journey to everlasting life.

Today’s Gift

Read John 1:1-16 in any version of the Bible you prefer. This account of the beginning of the Messiah’s coming to earth has no shepherds or angels or the weary teenage mother with her Baby in a manger. John shows us that Christmas began with love. Love that would light the way out of darkness. Meditate on these familiar verses and try to find a deeper understanding of what the birth of Emmanuel really means to us and our world.

Sue Breland, Worship For One: Advent Emmanuel ©

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