Christmas Day: The Gift of Tomorrow

How much better to get wisdom than gold, and good judgment than silver! – Proverbs 16:16

Christmas has come! Did you get everything you wanted? A season of material majesty is often followed by the holiday blues. The realization that “things” did not fill those empty holes in our lives is a painful reality. We sometimes buy into the commercial illusion of Christmas bliss and turn a blind eye to those that are sad, lonely, and hurting at this time of year. Christmas came not only as a time to share the joy of the season, but perhaps more importantly, to share in the suffering of others – encouraging them with the message of hope that transcends the season and reaches into eternity.

It is the life of the Christ Child, not just the birth, which can fill us to overflowing long past December 25th. Keep Christmas alive in your heart by celebrating the Savior every day.

Today’s Gift

Make a plan for how you will continue to feed your “Christmas spirit” tomorrow, next week and next month. Write down one thing you will do each month of the coming year to experience Christmas in your heart and impact your world. Write or type your plan into your calendar, perhaps on the first day of the month, so that you will not forget.  This is not a “resolution”, it is an action plan.

Advent is over. Emmanuel is here!

Sue Breland, Worship For One: Advent Emmanuel ©

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