The Excellence of God’s Power

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. – 2 Corinthians 4:7

Knowledge is power. Winning and wealth are power. We all need some level of personal power to live healthy lives.  Subsequently, to possess power, we may work, struggle, bargain, cheat or steal.  What makes God’s power so excellent is that is it free, unearnable and undeserved. The weaker we are in our physical form or financial standing, the more His power can become the only explanation for our success, strength or solace.

Over and over throughout the Bible, God chose the underdog, the unexpected, and the unwanted to demonstrate what can happen when we unleash Him to use our weakness for His glory. Whether it is the under-rated quarterback who beats the odds and wins the day, or the terminally ill loved-one whose peaceful presence gives us the will to go on, it is in these excellent examples that all can see a power not of this world, but simply superior and definitely divine.

Sue Breland, Worship for One©

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