Who Do You Say He Is

Then He asked them, But who do you say I am? Peter replied, You are the Messiah. – Mark 8:29

During His life, Jesus was called by many names: Nazarene, carpenter, teacher, instigator, revolutionary.  Both His supporters and detractors formed opinions of Him and gave Him names, spreading His public persona across the tabloid-like sources of the day.  He knew what they said about Him. 

Whether right or wrong, it didn’t really matter to Him what strangers said about Him.  He was only concerned about how His friends knew Him and what they would say about Him. They would be His witnesses when the time came. When He needed them to carry His message to the world.

Today, Jesus is still called by many names: Savior, God, prophet, myth, imposter, object of the joke and He is still not concerned by what they say, He cares just about them. We, His friends and closest to Him, remain His witnesses to those who don’t know Him, who mistake Him for someone else, who don’t care.

So when He asks you, who will you say He is?

Sue Breland, Worship for OneĀ©

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