Preparing for Lent

During the forty days prior to the celebration of Easter, Christians around the world set aside time to remember the final journey of Jesus of Nazareth. We study the steps He took into Jerusalem, sacrificing Himself on Calvary, visiting death and leaving it behind for a throne in eternity. The cross was not the end of His life, but the beginning of His reign. It is just history until we take our own journey through the cross and make it our own story.

Every day of this observance, often called the Lenten season (or Lent), we have the opportunity to take a fresh look at His words, His relationships, and His sacrifice in order that we might discover how our lives can be more fulfilled by being more like Him.

Lent is a special time in the Christian calendar used particularly for fasting and self-examination, for self-denial and personal growth. It is the perfect time to engage in Worship for One, to focus your heart and mind on things that can really make a difference in your life, to your family or within your church.

This journey begins on Ash Wednesday, stepping through one meditation each day and an opportunity to consider taking greater action each Sunday; however, any time of year is the right time for personal examination. We hope that the meditations you find here will help you make discoveries in scripture and within yourself. We believe that if you delve deeper and apply yourself to His Word, you will be transformed by the experience.

Sue Breland, Journey Through the Cross: Meditations for Lent ©

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