The Fourth Sunday of Lent – Visibility

Afterward Joseph of Arimathea, who had been a secret disciple of Jesus …asked Pilate for permission to take down Jesus’ body…With him, came Nicodemus, the man who had come to Jesus by night… – John 19:38–39

Joseph and Nicodemus believed, but no one knew. They hid their secret, visited Jesus under the cover of darkness, and were limited in what they could do for Him or what He could do for them. Only with His death, did they expose their secret and with His resurrection, they became two of the most memorable men of the New Testament Bible.

A secret life is not useful to God. Let the “cat out of the bag” and let God use you to do the unimaginable in His name.

Prayer Starter – Give me courage, God, to stand for you in the hard places. I ask for Your light to shine in me and through me, so that You can use me wherever darkness falls.

Delve Deeper – During this week, read the book of Luke in any version of the Bible you prefer. Luke, believed to be a physician and likely the only non-Jewish writer included in the Christian Bible, has a unique perspective on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. As a healer, Luke had expert skills of observation giving him special insights to the human condition and focus on details that other less trained writers would miss. As an “outsider”, not fully accepted in Jewish establishment or culture, he noticed how Jesus interacted and engaged with other outsiders: women, shepherds, Samaritans, the poor, the sick – ultimate outsiders in a very rigidly divided and socially stratified world. As you read, see Jesus by the light that Luke shines on Him and all those sharing the spotlight along His path.

May this exercise encourage you to begin a Bible reading plan that will enable you to read the entire Bible in one year. Understanding our God in full context, through time and the eyes of many inspired writers, will enrich your life and your journey with Him.

  • Sue Breland, Worship for One ©
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