The Sixth Sunday of Lent – Hosanna (Holy Week Begins)

And they that went before, and they that followed, cried, saying, “Hosanna; Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!” – Mark 11:9

“Hosanna” is a very familiar word in Christendom, yet it is only used a handful of times in the New Testament Gospels as Jesus came to Jerusalem. From the Greek and Hebrew translation, the word is both a cry for salvation and a declaration of praise. We know that many in the city who shouted “Hosanna” on that day were simply caught up in the excitement of the crowd and the heat of the moment – their adoration was short lived.

What about us today? We still sing our Hosanna’s to the King with our mouths, but is Hosanna in our hearts? Do we really long for Him to save us on a daily basis from the challenges of our lives and praise Him for His faithfulness to respond? Are we really in touch with the King or just waving our hands in His direction? Let us acknowledge His power and His worthiness with our authentic lives, shouting “Hosanna” from our hearts today and every day!

Prayer Starter

Hosanna to Your name! I join in the chorus of praise throughout the ages glorifying Your power, Your love, and Your grace. Thank you for making my life sing when I’m in harmony with You.

Delve Deeper

Singing praise to God is found throughout the Bible. Music often has the ability to reach places in our mind and spirit that words alone do not. This week, particularly explore Christian music by listening in your free time, with your prayer time, or even in the background as you work. Sing if you like, but listen with your heart as well as your ears. Whether you like rock, country, gospel, contemporary, traditional cultural music or hymns, you can find Christian messages in any genre of music. You may have a Christian radio station in your community, or you can use Pandora internet radio ( to find a broad taste of Christian artists for free. If you prefer, you may want to browse iTunes ( or other app stores for Christian artists and purchase music that will continue to move and inspire you for years to come.

-Sue Breland, Journey Through the Cross: Meditations for Lent ©

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