Lead Pastor Opening Announcement

Community Bible Fellowship (associated with the Church of God movement Anderson Indiana) is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor to revitalize and grow the church for God’s service in Austin Texas. We are a historically culturally diverse congregation and welcome a Pastor who may be bilingual or experienced in serving multi-ethnic communities.

Recovering from the pandemic’s social and economic effects, as well as the loss of several beloved servants of God, a new Pastor will face challenge and opportunity with a committed group eager to support her or him. One might consider this assignment as a new church plant, with a freshly renovated church facility, sanctuary seating for 150, contemporary worship technology, parsonage, and a location in a growth corridor, as foundational assets.

Basic responsibilities are to provide:

  • Preaching and Discipling (highly based in scriptural knowledge)
  • Musical and Engaging Worship (personal or by bringing talent through family or other volunteers)
  • Outreach to Families and Evangelism (skilled in current technologies and techniques)
  • Administration and Facility Management (governance, budgeting & finances, communications, etc.)

Candidates are encouraged to learn more about our beliefs, our community, and the Lead Pastor job description before applying by clicking on the documents linked above under the photo header. The successful candidate can expect a compensation package including salary, benefits, and parsonage.

To apply, please complete the electronic application here.

Applications will be accepted through October 1, 2021.

You may direct questions to the Pulpit Committee at info@austinCBF.org

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