Lead Pastor Job Description


Community Bible Fellowship is seeking an experienced Pastor who is knowledgeable of the Scriptures and has been gifted and called by God to preach, teach, direct worship, and equip the Church for discipleship and service. The Pastor will be a devoted follower of Jesus who is passionate about helping others live and grow as disciples and make other disciples of Jesus. The Pastor’s life should demonstrate a passionate faith in God, a strong commitment to the Lordship of Christ, the leading of the Spirit, and the authority of the Scripture. The Pastor will work with the Board of Trustees and Ministry Council to establish and support the vision and mission of the Church.


  • Preaching, Discipling and Community Care
    • Provide spiritual leadership to the church and ministering to the needs of its members.
    • Prepare and deliver practical scripture-based messages in regular worship services.
    • Partner with Christian Education committee to strategize and implement programs to train and equip members for a life of holiness and service.
    • Serve as the representative of CBF in the community and beyond (i.e., the city/state government officials, other area churches, community nonprofits, state/national CHOG, nearby cities, etc.).
  • Musical and Engaging Worship
    • Prepare or provide for the design of worship services and musician(s) to regularly participate.
    • Prepare or provide for printed and digital materials as needed for worship.
    • Serve as or provide for a contact person for worship media needs (computers, software programs, video, sound, lighting, etc.).
  • Outreach to Families and Evangelism
    • Develop and lead execution of plans to attract families and individuals to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
    • Develop and lead execution of plans specifically to grow a Youth Ministry (teens/college level).
    • Use current technologies to connect and engage the community (social networks, website, multimedia, etc.).
  • Administration and Facility Management
    • Partner with the Board of Trustees on the governance of the church organization.
    • Oversee the day-to-day budget, financial and risk management matters.
    • Oversee the business management of the church organization.
    • Lead organizational technology.


  • Proven experience in ministry with a minimum of 10 years of combined experience in preaching, worship ministry, and/or church growth.
  • Four-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from a Christian University and/or school of preaching and/or worship. At least a master’s degree in divinity preferred.
  • Ordination by a nationally recognized credentialing body.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the Church of God (Anderson IN) Holiness movement.


  • Interpersonal Skills – approachable, builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact in tense situations; has a style that puts others at ease.
  • Biblical Knowledge – a high level knowledge of the Bible and the ability to apply biblical principles to current culture.
  • Leadership – encourages others to discover and engage their giftedness and skills in service to the larger community; calls out the best in others; supports others in the development of their skills and abilities.
  • Worship Leadership – understands the art of relevant and inspiring worship which is attentive to the Holy Spirit; combines elements of theology and music to promote experiences of the sacred.
  • Communication – clearly conveys information and ideas to the church, through a variety of media and technology.
  • Collaboration – works effectively and cooperatively with others; establishes and maintains relationships with a spirit of humility.
  • Planning and Organizing – establishes courses of action to ensure that work is completed efficiently. Ability to prioritize, schedule, maintain focus, and follow through to completion.
  • Work Standards – sets high standards for excellence and quality; assumes responsibility and accountability for successfully completing tasks and objectives. Self-motivated, initiates action and goes beyond routine requirements